Smok RPM Replacement Coils

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Get your SMOK RPM Replacement Coils - 5CNT Package

Elevate your vaping experience with the Smok RPM Mesh Coil Replacement, meticulously crafted for unparalleled flavor and vapor production. Engineered with precision, these coils are designed to enhance the overall performance of your Smok RPM device, ensuring a satisfying and flavorful draw with every puff.

The Mesh Coil technology employed in these replacements offers an expansive heating surface, allowing for rapid and uniform heating of your e-liquid. This results in intensified flavor profiles and denser vapor clouds, providing a truly immersive and enjoyable vaping session.

Whether you're a flavor enthusiast or cloud chaser, the Smok RPM Mesh Coil Replacement caters to both preferences. The innovation behind these coils ensures a smooth and consistent experience, making them an essential accessory for any discerning vaper.

Revitalize your Smok device with the Smok RPM Mesh Coil Replacement and unlock a world of enhanced flavor and vapor production. Elevate your vaping journey by embracing the cutting-edge technology and meticulous craftsmanship that defines Smok's commitment to excellence. Order your replacement coils today and experience a new level of satisfaction in every draw.

RPM replacement coils by SMOK. Specially designed for the SMOK RPM40 Pod Kit. With Smok RPM Mesh Coils, you will experience enhanced flavor and vapor production.

Types of coils:
Mesh 0.4 Ohm Coil (25W)
SC 1.0 Ohm Coil (14W)
Triple 0.6 Ohm Coil (25W)
Quartz 1.2 Ohm Coil (12W)
MTL Mesh 0.3 Ohm Coil (10W-15W)

5 Coils Per Package

Advanced User Items. Use at Your Own Risk!

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