Orion 7500 By LOST VAPE

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You're gonna love the LOST VAPE ORION BAR 7500 PUFFS DISPOSABLE! Whether you're a pro or a beginner, the ORION BAR delivers rich, flavorful vapor. THE ORION BAR is perfect for everyday use or as a special treat!

Easy and convenient vaping with the ORION BAR. You'll get more than enough nicotine to satisfy your craving with the 7500 PUFFS disposable design, fully charged and prefilled with a built-in battery and tank. With its one-piece, draw-activated design, you can take it anywhere. You don't need to carry extra juice or anything else. ORION BARS come in limited edition flavors, so there's always something new to try!

No matter what your preference is, you'll enjoy voluminous clouds and robust flavor with the ORION BAR LIMITED EDITION. Vaping is easy with the disposable design, and the battery ensures that you'll always have enough power.

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