Lost Mary Disposable Vape 5000 puffs

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  • Lost Lost Mary OS 5000  vapepooh.com
  • Lost Mary OS 5000  vapepooh.com
  • Lost Mary OS 5000  vapepooh.com
  • Lost Mary OS 5000 by Elfbar
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LOST MARY OS5000 vape device measures 134" wide, 234" high, and 1" thick. Out of the top, an oval-shaped mouthpiece sticks up 3/4". The corners are slightly rounded, similar to a bar of soap. There is a slot for a type-C charger on the top of the device.

There is a difficulty in opening the flap that covers the charge port. I now understand why several of the devices I was given to test had the small rubber cover torn off. Next to the charging port is a light that turns green for a full charge, blue for a medium charge, and red for a low charge. As I vaporized, I realized that the hole on top was the battery-level indicator. At first, I thought it was the air intake hole. I am not sure where the intake hole is located, but it provides sufficient airflow for a decent MTL (Mouth to Lung).

The front and back are covered in what looks like cheap colored plastic. The top, bottom, and sides are wrapped in a more durable matted plastic that gives it some strength. The mouthpiece is the same textured plastic and is easy to hold in your mouth with the mouthpiece. The texture has some grab to it and the mouthpiece itself is shaped well to fit your mouth.


Vape Juice Contents: 13ml

Puff Count: +5000

Nicotine Strength: 50mg

Coil: Mesh Coil

The battery has a capacity of 650mAh

The device is rechargeable with a USB-C cable (charging cable not

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